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Privacy policy

The Web site “” is a vital tool of Pepa Loba (External Box for Anti-Establishment Planning and Anti-Capitalist Base Struggle) for denouncing and disseminating campaigns , initiatives , projects and actions as well as interacting with those wanting to be informed or joiun our association.

Entering your data on the Web site implies acceptance of the “Privacy Policy”. The Web site may occasionally contain links to other Web sites that have their own “Privacy Policy”.

The one responsible is EXTERNAL BOX FOR ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT PLANNING AND ANTI-CAPITALIST BASE STRUGGLE (“Pepa Loba” onwards) with address at Augusto González Besada Street, 26, 36700, Tui.

SIf you have any questions or concerns related to your privacy or data, you can communicate it via the email address or by directing an application to Pepa Loba’spostal address.

Your personal information was obtained through previous relationships that you had or currently have with Pepa Loba, either because of your member condition, for having been a donor, having participated in any of the campaigns, as well as having participated in some way in any of the projects, campaigns, initiatives and actions of which Pepa Loba has participated or for having requested that we send you information about them.

Your data is used only for legitimate purposes developed by Pepa Loba and will be explained below. The data treated is the following:

Necessary data to maintain the relationship with you:

  • Name

  • Last Name

  • Email address

In addition, depending on the nature of our relationship with you, we can treat other information that you voluntarily contribute to us:

  • ID

  • Phone number

  • Postal address

  • Birthdate

  • Economic contribution

  • Bank data

  • Profession

  • Sex

  • Language of preference

  • Own image

Likewise when you fill in the forms with your data (financial contributions, donations, signatures, association...), we save your IP address1from where your data is sent, which allows us to give you greater coverage against fraud (such as unauthorized use of the credit card).

We also inform you that we will treat that additional data that you voluntarily provide us during the future relations and interactions that you maintain with Pepa Loba, including data you provide us through a social network or a different application. This data depends on your own privacy settings, use of the social network or application, as well as the privacy policies of each social network or application. Please read them carefully before providing data through these social networks or applications.

1. Number with which each device is identified when accessing a network.

Under no circumstances personal data is collected without the knowledge of the holder. Your data will only be used if you give us your authorization. If not, we will not communicate with you, nor will we store or treat your data in any way.

In no circumstance will we sell, trade or rent your personal data. Nor will we cede the same except in the cases indicated under the section When will we communicate your data to others? of this privacy policy.

All the information you provide us will be stored in a confidential and automated file. In addition you will know what data we consider essential to carry out a specific action and which ones you can leave blank or fill according to your criteria.

We believe that all the information you provide is true and accurate. If you decide to communicate personal data, we understand that it is yours or that you have authorization to give us that information.

When you write your data on the web form you are expressly accepting the contents of this “Privacy Policy” and you authorize your data to be used for the specified purposes. If you don’t agree with the “Privacy Policy”, please do not leave your information. Write a message with your opinion or doubts to and we will reply as soon as possible.

If you become a member, make a donation or do any other type of action with Pepa Loba your data will be used to manage your financial contributions and to send you information regarding our activities. the data that is necessary and the optional data will always appear in the web forms

If you wish to provide a legacy2 and you request further information about it, your data will be stored only to fulfill when the time comes. If you wish to rectify or cancel your data you just have to let us know following the instructions indicated in the “What are your rights?” section.

2. Legal Provision of goods a testator makes on behalf of someone.

In order to fulfill our mission of construction and development of alternatives and social response in favor of a fairer world where rights, freedoms and the environment are respected, we treat the data of those who give us their consent to develop the following legitimate purposes:

  • Sending information about Pepa Loba, the fields of action marked in its principles as well as the projects, initiatives and structures that are related to it via SMS, telephone, mail, email, even when our relationship has ended, unless the person concerned states otherwise.

  • Asking for donations, quota increases and other types of participation (sign campaigns, buy products, participate actively in actions ...).

  • Inviting acts or events organized by Pepa Loba or any other structure, project and initiative that relates to it in any way.

  • Conducting surveys of diverse nature.

  • Basic activities of profiling, based on the information you provide us directly, and designed to ensure proper management of the above activities.

Additionally, we also treat your data for the sending, even by electronic means, of communications of a similar nature to those that you have previously participated.

The interested person can object to receiving this type of promotional communications, now or at any other time, by sending an email to the electronic address or by directing an application Pepa Loba’s postal address.

The treatment of your personal data is directly related to maintaining your relationship with Pepa Loba as well as the correct management of it.

Pepa Loba is entitled to the processing of your data through your consent in the first place, and because it is necessary to comply with the contractual duties derived from said relationship.

The processing of your personal data for sending similar information to the one you have participated in, responds to a legitimate interest and is authorized by the current regulations.

You have a right to:

  • Know if your data is being processed or not.

  • Access your personal data.

  • Request the rectification of your data if it is inaccurate.

  • Request the deletion of your data if it is no longer necessary for the purposes for which it was collected or if you withdraw the consent granted.

  • Request the limitation of the treatment of your data, in some cases, in which case we will only conserve it in accordance with current regulations.

  • Carry your data, which will be provided in a structured, commonly used or mechanical reading format. If you prefer, we can send it to the new manager you designate. It is only valid in some cases.

  • File a claim with the Spanish Data Protection Agency or competent control authority, if you believe that we haven’t been treating you correctly.

  • Revoke consent for any treatment for which you consented, at any time.

On the other hand, we thank you for letting us know if you modify any information to keep it updated.

A personal data file, containing information on members and donors, is registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

Your data is yours and you have the right to know what we do with it, as well as to exercise your rights of claim, access, rectification, deletion, portability, limitation and/or opposition to treatment. For that you must use a written communication via the communication channel of your choice:

  • E mail us to

  • Write us a letter addressed to r/ Augusto González Besada, 26, 36700, Tui.

If you have any doubt about our personal data policy, you can always refer to the Spanish Data Protection Agency (, c/ Jorge Juan 6, E-28001 Madrid, telephone +34 901 100 099 and electronic headquarters

The security of your personal data is crucial. On the Web site where you leave your data, we use SSL3 technology, in order to protect the data you send over the internet.

In addition, only those people of Pepa Loba who need to use it to perform their work correctly have access to personal data.

3. Secure Socket Layer protocol.

In no case will we sell, trade, rent or give up your personal data.

The only cases in which we will communicate your data to others are those presented below:

  • Public administrations. In situations necessary for compliance with the legal duties to which Pepa Loba is subject due to its activity.

  • Judicial or Administrative Authority. If an authority requests your data from our files, we will communicate it as long as the legally established precepts are respected and we will only communicate the precise data. We will not respond to requests for information formulated generically or indiscriminately, whichever agency requests it.

  • Recipients of requests, actions and campaigns. When you sign a petition or participate with your data in an action or campaign, the recipient receives the essential data from Pepa Loba, in order to comply with the duties derived from these campaigns and actions. Those will always be detailed in the petition and that will include only the precise data. In any case Pepa Loba will always inform the recipients of it.

  • Suppliers. Some entities need to know your personal information in order to develop their work (the postal service company to send you a package, the company that hosts our website on their servers...). In any case Pepa Loba will sign the relevant confidentiality and personal data treatment contracts required and required by the regulations to protect your privacy.

  • Campaigns, actions and initiatives with other organizations. Those assignments to third parties that are necessary for the organization, development or coordination of the campaigns, actions and initiatives in which you voluntarily participate. In any case, you will always know what those campaigns, actions and initiatives are.

Any other personal data transfer that Pepa Loba performs, you will be informed in a timely manner.

Pepa Loba has contracted services in entities located in the European Economic Area ("EEA").

Regarding the countries outside the EEA, the European Commission classifies them into two types:

  • Countries with an adequate level of data protection in accordance with EEA standards. A full list of such countries is available here.

  • Countries with an inadequate level of data protection according to the EEA rules. In these countries Pepa Loba subscribes contracts, guarantees and safeguards necessary to preserve your privacy complying with European Union regulations on personal data.

If you have any questions or queries related to the guarantees of your privacy or data you can communicate it via our electronic address or by directing an application to Pepa Loba’s postal address.

Pepa Loba will keep your personal data while your relationship with us is maintained and even after the end of it for any reason during the statutory limitation periods that are applicable, if you do not tell us otherwise. In this case it will be treated in order to prove compliance with our legal duties and/or contractual

In addition, we will keep your data for as long as needed or permitted, in accordance with the purposes for which it was obtained. The criteria used to determine the conservation periods include our legal duties, statistical needs or the fact that conservation is advisable or not depending on our legal position.

You may be a member of the association if you are over 14 and you have certified documented consent, from your parents or legal guardians. Under no circumstances should you send us any of your personal or family data without prior authorization from your father, mother or legal guardian.

To formalize your registration as a member, you must fill out the Authorization Document for Minors and send it via:

  • E mail Send us a message to

  • Write us a letter addressed to r/ Augusto González Besada, 26, 36700, Tui.

The website as well as all those that are related to Pepa Loba, use cookies4 to analyze the users activity of the Web site. Statistical information is compiled (frequency of use, pages visited, number of visits, and clicks, etc) in order to improve the analysis, and thus, in impact effectiveness of our initiatives, campaigns and actions, as well as the pages themselves.

By accepting our “Privacy Policy” you authorize us to use cookies to communicate with you.

If you do not wish to have cookies in your computer, you must change the settings on your browser5.

Please be aware that if you change your browser’s settings to block all the cookies, certain parts of the site or other sites might lose some of their features..

4. Anacos de información de almacenaxe no disco duro do computador cando visita unha páxina web

5. Xeralmente ‘ferramentas–opcións–privacidade’