Frequently Asked Questions

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Lueirx (member)

Lueirxs are Pepa Loba’s members.

Pepa Loba is an independent association that does not accept government, transnational, or from any natural or legal person’s funding, who does not respect its principles. This is why your collaboration is so important.

Lueiro was a dog who always accompanied Pepa Loba. Lueiro represents the complicity and unyielding loyalty with Pepa Loba, and it serves as a connection between her and the world around her.

Any private individual with full capacity to act, and legal persons with the express agreement from their competent body, who has no outstanding debts with the association, and who respects its principles at any rate, can be a member of the association.

If you are over 14, and you have certified documented consent, from your mother, father or legal guardian, you may join us without any problem. Contact us via with the subject “LUEIRX: Minor”, and we will explain what steps to follow for joining us.

Under no circumstances should you send us any of your personal or family data without prior authorization from your father, mother or legal guardian.

1st - Fill in your details in the blank boxes on the “Become a Member” section on the Web site.

  • If you make the payment from the Spanish state you don’t need to fill in the Swift/Bic section.

  • In case you select different amount in the “Frequency and amount” section, you must indicate the exact amount you want to contribute with. The amount must not be less than the one assigned for that period, just as you can see in the section "When are the fees collected?".

2nd - Once the process is complete, you must accept the ’privacy policy’ and click ‘send’.

3rd - After this you will receive a confirmation email. You will have the option to download a PDF document that will appear with your data already filled in, justifying your bank contributions. For privacy reasons this document can only be downloaded once, if you need a copy you can request it by contacting us.

The Swift/Bic code is only necessary for those who make payments from outside of the Spanish state.

Signing the document assures us the charge of your fee without any problem. In case there is a problem with the banking entity, we have the ability to act.

If you ever wish to stop paying the quota, no difficulty will be added for this matter. The document affects exclusively the relation between the association and the banking institution.

Lueirxs may choose between three periodicities:

  • Quarterly: 15 euros is the minimum fee.

  • Half-yearly: 30 euros is the minimum fee.

  • Yearly: 60 euros is the minimum fee.

Pepa Loba is a solidary tool, consisting of an non-remunerated structure, searching to fit each person’s situation for all of us to contribute with our part. This is why the monthly average of each modality of quota is 5 euros.

However, people who do not have sufficient financial resources to make this contribution but who, at the same time, want to collaborate financially with the association, have the possibility to do so through donations on a regular basis or when they consider it appropriate.

This is done:

  • Quarterly: between January 10th-15th; April 10th-15th; July 10th-15th; October 10th-15th.

  • Half-yearly: between January 10th-15th; July 10th-15th.

  • Yearly: between January 10th-15th.

Regardless of the date in which you become a member, the charge will be full and it will not be reimbursable.

No. Pepa Loba, does not allow any sort of profit nor complicity on behalf of any government, and, at the same time, it aims for its members to be united to the structure, solely and exclusively, for values, ideological, or ethical reasons.