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Burla Negra

Burla Negra is an open tool of Pepa Loba that works as a ‘solidarity and resistance box’ for activists in order to face adverse circumstances derived from their action.

Under no circumstances funds will be used to support matters that are not related with activism.

  1. to collaborate so that activists may pay the fines resulting from their action.

  2. to build campaigns denouncing social and political repression.

  3. to serve as a tool where one can denounce situations of social and political repression.

Burla negra remains in the collective imaginary as a symbol for freedom and justice. A landmark of no submission to the established regulations in a quest for the expected future. Burla Negra was a pirate ship that sailed the Atlantic in search of loot. It emerged suddenly amidst the fog without any of the victims noticing its presence until it was too late.