Frequently Asked Questions

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Economic administration

Pepa Loba is directly financed by membership fees, donations, the sale of ethical materials of various kinds and the income received for the development of the association's activities.

The association does not admit:

  • Money from governments or transnational entities of any kind.

  • Money from natural or legal persons that do not respect its principles.

  • Advertising revenue.

a.- Pepa Loba and Burla Negra have their own boxes with independent management.

b.- Of the total money that enters Pepa Loba:

  • 100% of the funds go to Pepa Loba.

  • The 0% of the funds will go to salaries, because the association is formed by activists who do not have remuneration.

c.- In case the total requested in a "Campaign" or "Anti-Repressive Alert" is exceeded, the promoter will donate the surplus of the funding obtained to the Pepa Loba's common fund, in order to support the initiatives and projects that can be developed in the association.

Each year we publish the income and expenses blocks of the association so that you know in which issues we invest your money.

The persons who carry out each movement, or the location of the expense, for strategic reasons, as well as the privacy and security of the same, will never be published.

No. The funds of one and the other are treated separately. Although Burla Negra is Pepa Loba's own tool, they are managed as two independent tools.

Pepa Loba serves to develop campaigns, initiatives, actions and projects, and Burla Negra to face the sanctions derived from activism.

The transfer of funds from one to the other would imply having to leave some of the other fields of work of the association without funds.

  • Lueirxs will have to provide a minimum of:
    • 15 euros quarterly, in case installment payment is chosen.

    • 30 euros semiannually, in case installment payment is chosen.

    • 60 euros per year, in case the full payment is chosen.

  • Donations will not have minimum amount, nor maximum. You can donate the amount you want.

Pepa Loba supports two payment systems:

  • Credit or Debit Card. For this you will use the payment gateway of Rural Vía. This system is characterized by a simple and intuitive operation. It also complies with the highest security standards currently available through Secure Electronic Transaction (SET), providing high security under the international protocols Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. Not even Pepa Loba, nor the promoter have access to your bank details.

  • Wire transfer. You wilI use Pepa Loba's data which is reflected here. You only have to use this data through the system you have with your bank, just as you do with any payment.

If for any reason you can not use any of these two payment systems contact us through the email and we will tell you how to make your payment.

In principle Pepa Loba's structure is designed to make money contributions. In case you want to make contributions of another type (material goods to carry out actions, computer equipment, building donations, ...) contact us through the email or through the form, and explain to us what you offer concretely. We will respond and tell you if it falls within our parameters and, if so, we will talk about how the steps will be developed.

Pepa Loba is an autonomous financing tool that has non-remunerated activists who are in charge of the management of its resources, as well as of each of its fields of operation.

The money from:

  • Pepa Loba: is invested in all types of campaign expenses, projects, actions and initiatives that follow the principles set out in its statutes.

  • Burla Negra: is invested in facing the sanctions that are approved to finance activists affected by political or social repression.

  • Campaigns: is invested in the corresponding campaign.

In no case is the money destined for wages.

Pepa Loba does not have offices, so you can not make direct contributions in hand.

In principle the means of payment are:

  • Lueirxs: Are made by direct debit.

  • “Donations”, “Campaigns”, and “Anti-Repressive Alerts”: Are made through a banking entity.

If you have any question or suggestion about this field that does not appear here, please do not hesitate to contact us at or through the form.

The resulting money, once the settlement is done, would be donated to another non-profit association that has the same or similar purposes as those of Pepa Loba.

Our central account is located in Fiare, a savings and credit cooperative and, therefore,

- Is not listed on the stock exchange.
- The owners are the partners who have the weight in the decision-making.

And the Terminal Point of Sale (POS) system uses the payment gateway of Rural Vía, belonging to Caixa Rural Galega, which is a credit union.

Pepa Loba has on its website a virtual currency converter, in which the quantities requested can be displayed in different currencies. The software used allows visualization of the change from a database in continuous updating. In any case, Pepa Loba operates in all cases in euros (€) and applies the conversion ratio of the day on which the transaction is made.