Frequently Asked Questions

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Simply select the "Campaign" or "Anti-Repressive Alert" to which you want to contribute financially, press the button, and insert your data into the opening form to make the payment digitally.

If you prefer you may also make the payment through the data that is reflected in the "Contributions" section. You only have to use this data in whichever system you have with the bank, just as you do with any regular payment.

In case you want to make a cash payment you must contact us through the email and indicate where and how to make the deposit.

Yes. A person can contribute to the financing of any "Campaign" and/or "Anti-Repressive Alerts" it deems appropriate.

Yes. A person can contribute as many times as he/she deems appropriate to the financing of a "Campaign" and/or "Anti-Repressive Alert", while it is active.

Before the launching of a "Campaign" or an "Anti-Repressive Alert", its promoters and Pepa Loba sign a contract. By signing this document the promoters commit to develop the actions and/or initiatives submitted for which they request the financial aid, and to use 100% of the funding obtained therein for the indicated purpose.

In the event that the promoter/s did not fulfill the commitments signed, and after exhausting other ways based on the relationship of trust, negotiation and direct treatment, Pepa Loba reserves the right to take the actions deemed appropriate against him/her/them.

You should follow the same steps as to make a donation.

It should be taken into account, while doing the operation in the bank, to insert the word "Contribution" in the concept, followed by the name of the case, the "Anti-Repressive Alert" or the "Campaign" to which the Money is destined (Contribution: Name of the Anti-Repressive Alert or Donation: Name of the Campaign).

Remember that if the name of the "Campaign" or the "Anti-Repressive Alert" is not indicated in the concept, it will be understood that a donation is simply made to Pepa Loba.

The Swift_BIC code only needs to be filled out by those people who are going to make payments from outside Spain.