As José Martí used to say, homeland is humanity. In every country, in which one has been and has not been, there are people who, because of what they think, their attitudes, what they do, what they feel, their solidarity, are one’s fellow compatriots. One’s homeland is made up of such people. Because in one’s own country there has been also torturers, corrupt people, and they are not my compatriots.
Mario Benedetti

Originally a slave ship, it ended up serving as a pirate ship. Only those who had not been subject to more than their own will with a strong sense of justice were welcome in it.

Fair but relentless, Benito Soto was a person of humble origins, with a strong sense of loyalty and justice, he usually steals big bounties, and leave a portion in the populations that gave the crew shelter.

What is Burla Negra?

Burla Negra is an open tool of Pepa Loba that works as a ‘solidarity and resistance box’ for activists in order to face adverse circumstances derived from their action. It seeks:

  • to collaborate so that activists may pay the fines resulting from their action.
  • to build campaigns denouncing social and political repression.
  • to serve as a tool where one can denounce situations of social and political repression.

Dream and you will be free in spirit. Fight and you will be free in life.


Instructions for contributions

  • Our data is reflected on the left. Just enter the data in the system you use with your banking institution, as you do with any regular payment.
  • As default, it’s understood your contribution is for Pepa Loba. If you want to contribute to a specific campaign, then introduce the name of the campaign as “Concept”.
  • If you want to know that your contribution arrived, send us an email with the subject “Donation”, and we’ll let you know as soon as we receive it.

I understand now that my welfare is only possible if I acknowledge my unity with all the peoples of the world without exception.
León Tolstoy

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