I don’t think you and I are very closely related but if you are capable of trembling with indignation each time that an injustice is committed in the world, we are comrades, and that is more important.

What is Pepa Loba?

  • Anti-Capitalism
  • Anti-Globalisation
  • Responsible Consumption
  • Defense of Public Services
  • Defense of Human Rights
  • Environmentalism
  • Social and Secular State
  • Horizontalisation of Society
  • Interculturalism
  • Non Violence


Pepa Loba, Peto Externo de Planificación Antisistema e LOita Base Anticapitalista (External Box for Anti-Establishment Planning and Anti-Capitalist Base Struggle) is an independent financing tool that arises under ECOAR)))’s framework for:

  • covering the financial needs for the development of campaigns, initiatives, projects, and actions, both in the alternatives and social response fields.
  • facing sanctions and remaining costs derived from the system’s repression and punishment mechanisms.
  • taking action with solidarity with individuals and collectives that do not have the necessary means of finance as well as dissemination, in order to carry out campaigns to cover those fields by themselves.

¿Who’s who?

Pepa loba

She is a legendary galician figure of the 19th century. Savage and cruel with wealthy people, but kind and fair with the peasant population. Framed under the “generous bandit” archetype, while standing for women who yields to nothing.


Pepa Loba’s companion. Characterized as a calm and insightful dog. He represents the unbending loyalty and complicity with Pepa Loba.

Charity is vertical, so it’s humiliating. It goes from the top to the bottom. Solidarity is horizontal. It respects the other and learns from the other.
Eduardo Galeano

Join us

Instructions for members

  1. Fill in the fields on the form and click send.
  2. Download and print the pdf document displayed on the screen.
  3. Sign the paper.
  4. Send it via regular mail or to info@pepaloba.org.

Concepts such as unity, organization, and struggle are immediately labeled as dangerous. In fact, of course, these concepts are dangerous – to the oppressor – for their realization is necessary to actions of liberation.
Paulo Freire


Directions for Contributions

  • Our data is reflected on the left. Just enter the data in the system you use with your banking institution, as you do with any regular payment.
  • As default, it’s understood your contribution is for Pepa Loba. If you want to contribute to a specific campaign, then introduce the name of the campaign as “Concept”.
  • If you want to know that your contribution arrived, send us an email to info@pepaloba.org with the subject “Donation”, and we’ll let you know as soon as we receive it.


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